After you have selected the appropriate package or resume and have submitted payment, my Proprietary Questionnaire and Additional Required Information Sheet will be e-mailed to you. It is strategically designed to extract critical information, including quantified results of your functions, which will enable me to produce for you an outstanding, results-driven document.

The Process

Subsequent to my receiving all requested data, I will review and contact you to schedule the phone consultation. You can expect to receive your first resume draft in 15 business days from the day of consultation. Because of my areas of expertise and being known for imparting exceptional attention and precision into every aspect of the process, I suggest scheduling the consultation post-haste.

We recommend Southworth 32lb, 100% cotton paper in your choice of ivory or white when printing your new documents.

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Return Requested Information

Phone Consultation

15 Business Days

Resume Draft #1


Finalized Resume

Cover Letter

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All finalized resumes are delivered in Word, PDF and   
ASCII Plain Text Formats

All Standard
Resume Packages Include:

Resume / Cover Letter
& Post Interview Letter

Consolidated Resume

 Expedited Services

 Resume Update



All Resume
Plus Packages Include:

Resume / Cover Letter
             Post Interview Letter               & LinkedIn Profile

Resume #1      0-3  Years Exp.      595.00
Resume #2      4-6  Years Exp.      695.00
Resume #3      7-9  Years Exp.      895.00
Resume #4      10+ Years Exp.    1095.00
Resume #5       C-Level Exec.     1495.00




 Mock Interviewing / Interview Prep

 LinkedIn Profile

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 Cover Letters

Diamond Plus Package for C-Level Executives

Additional Services

Please note,NO cancellations will be accepted for a full refund once the phone consultation has taken placeHowever, a company credit for paid amount will be issued for future use at any time. All work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I am happy to make requested changes to your new documents for up to 30 days from date of your 1st resume draft. I will do everything in my power to ensure your satisfaction with your documents. We strictly follow a NO REFUND POLICY. By agreeing to purchase any service offered, the customer has
agreed that all aspects of the services offered and processes necessary to craft the product and deliver service,  constitute creative products/services and concurs that all
payments for such creative products and services are final and non-refundable.

Additional Services

Disclaimers: (1) Guarantee of Results: I do not guarantee employment or job search success, as our work together is just part of your process. (2) Approval of final document versions: I  make every effort possible to deliver final versions without spelling, grammar, or other errors. However, you are solely responsible for final proofreading and approval. (3) Scope of writing projects: Professional fees are quoted based on your initial information. If significant more content that you provide extends the scope of the project, more charges may be incurred. (4) Electronic files. There are many versions of Microsoft Word, so I cannot guarantee the compatibility with your systems, or that documents will retain their original formatting. I do not provide technical support. (5) LinkedIn: LinkedIn makes changes on an ongoing basis, and I regularly receive current information through my professional associations and other industry sources. I cannot guarantee that either writing or coaching will cover any future changes that LinkedIn makes. Fees for additional work regarding LinkedIn may be required. You are responsible for all changes published in your LinkedIn profile.  

 Post Interview Letters

Cost $aving Resume Packages

 Recruiter Distribution

Platinum Package - 1225.00
 Platinum Plus Package - 1375.00

10 years or more experience and/or 
4 or more career associations

Silver Package - 825.00
Silver Plus Package - 975.00

4-6 years experience and/or
2-3 places of employment

Bronze Package - 725.00
Bronze Plus Package - 875.00

0-3 years experience and/or
0-2 places of employment

$240.00 - $465.00

$340.00 - $565.00

$340.00 - $685.00

$370.00 - $665.00

Gold Package - 1025.00 
Gold Plus Package - 1175.00

7-9 years of experience and/or
 3 places of employment 

$240.00 - $465.00

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Diamond Package for C-Level Executives

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 Executive Bios

 Additional Summary


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     Deal Sheet

   Resume Critique